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  • Are events and races still going to take place?
    No, races or events will not be permitted after Nov. 30, 2023, until the end of construction in January 2027.
  • Why is the project happening now? 
    Aged infrastructure has resulted in several structural and mechanical deficiencies that must be addressed to restore the resiliency and reliability needed for this critical water supply.
  • Will the even/odd schedule for bicycles and vehicles be maintained while the canyon is open on weekends?
    No, the odd/even schedule will not be maintained during construction. Pedestrians and bicycles will both be allowed on weekends and holidays.
  • Will bicycles be allowed during weekends when the canyon is open? 
    Yes, cyclists will be allowed during weekends and holidays when the canyon is open up to picnic site #16.
  • Will drinking water be available?
    Water will not be available in the canyon. It is important to bring your own water.
  • Wasn’t the project going to be completed in 2025?
    Yes, it was originally slated to be complete in 2025. Due to delays in project funding causing the schedule to be pushed back by two years. Funding was secured through FEMA’s BRIC grant.
  • When will City Creek Canyon close?
    Starting Nov. 16, 2023, the canyon will be closed Monday – Friday. Generally, the canyon will be open on Saturday, Sunday, and major holidays for cyclists and pedestrians.
  • Why are there canyon access restrictions during construction?
    While it has been a difficult decision to restrict access in the canyon, there are several key reasons why this decision was made: With conditions put on the project by BRIC funding we have a limited amount of time to complete the upgrades to the facility. To meet that deadline, we must allow the contractor as much access as possible during the work week without imposing additional restrictions on their work. This is a once-in-a-lifetime project that is critical to maintain access to safe drinking water for our community. Construction will ensure the resiliency of the treatment facility for the next 50-70 years. During construction, the canyon effectively becomes an active work zone Monday-Friday. With narrow roadways over a large distance being traversed by heavy equipment, picnic areas being used for construction storage, and active roadway work at the treatment plant itself, we cannot consciously put the public at a safety risk. Access above site #16 has been restricted due to pipework that will cause the paved roadway to be replaced by a gravel road for the duration of the project. The project team looked at alternatives around this work to allow more access outside of weekends and holidays, including building additional trails to bypass construction, and were ultimately deemed either logistically impossible or not financially feasible. Construction creates significant debris and heavy equipment can cause more damage to the roadway. Our contractor will clear the roadway of debris after work completes each Friday to prepare for recreationalists on the weekend. However, canyon users should be alert and watch for road damage that may create safety hazards. After the completion of the project the roadway up to the treatment plant will be resurfaced. As construction progresses, we will look for more opportunities to allow the public in the canyon. Public Utilities Director, Laura Briefer wrote this as part of her October message to the community newsletter: "I know this closure may potentially impact many of our neighbors. However, closing the canyon is necessary to allow construction to progress safely and efficiently. As someone who frequently visits City Creek Canyon for biking and running myself, I am happy to report that the Canyon will be open Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays through the life of the project. We hope that this continued weekend and holiday access to the Canyon will balance safety with our community’s love of City Creek Canyon."
  • Will I be able to access or reserve the picnic sites? 
    Picnic sites up to and including site #12 will generally be available for use on weekends and holidays. However, no reservations will not be given, and sites will be first come first served.
  • Will the bathrooms be open while the canyon is in construction?
    Restrooms at picnic sites 9, 12, 15, and 16 will remain open on weekends.
  • What is BRIC funding?
    BRIC, or Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities, is a FEMA grant program that allows states, communities, tribes, and territories to request funding for “hazard mitigation projects that aim to reduce the risk from disasters and natural hazards” ( This grant accounts for 36.7% of the total cost of the project, reducing overall cost to rate-payers.
  • How long will construction last? 
    Construction is scheduled to start on Nov. 1, 2023, and continue through January 2027*.
  • Will the upgraded treatment plant expand the footprint of the existing site?
    The plant upgrades will not expand the footprint of the existing facility.
  • Will vehicles be allowed to use the canyon?
    No, vehicles will not be allowed during construction.
  • Are dogs going to be allowed?
    Dogs are allowed up until the watershed area, which is located above picnic area #16.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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