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A Top Priority

Safety is always a top priority for any project. Reconstructing an entire plant comes with its hazards and safety concerns. The project team is committed to keeping everyone safe throughout the project.

The canyon will be closed from site #16, due to its being an active work site and staging area for construction equipment. The paved roadway will be removed to accommodate pipework happening at site #16 and above. Hunting will not be permitted during the project, which is expected to continue through January 2027.

Hazards include – debris, narrow pathways, low visibility, gravel roads, heavy equipment, noise, dust, and vibrations.

City Creek Road Construction_edited_edit
Construction vehicle: dump truck traveling up narrow road in City Creek Canyon


Minimizing Impacts

Diagram of concrete ("jersey") barrier with construction semitruck on the left and pedestrians and a cyclist on the right side of the barrier. View is of Bonneville Blvd.

Bonneville Boulevard 

  • Heavy Construction Traffic and Delays 

    • Construction traffic will be two directional with flaggers at either end to allow vehicles to pass safely. ​

    • Public vehicles will still be allowed, but expect 10 – 15 minute delays. 

  • Barrier Separating Pedestrians and Vehicles 

    • In order to maintain recreational usage and safety, a Jersey Barrier will be in use to allow recreationists access. ​

  • Trail Access Maintained 

    • Access to the Bonneville Shoreline Trail will be maintained throughout the project. ​

City Creek Canyon Road 

  • Closed Nov. 16, 2023 – January 2027

  • Roadway above Bonneville Blvd. 

    • Open weekends and holidays: Bikes and pedestrians only ​

    • Closed Monday – Friday 

  • Roadway above Site #16 closed for the duration of the project due to pipework, which will remove the paved roadway.

City Creek Canyon Water Treatment Plant sign advertising signing up for text updates for canyon access during construction season.


For Your Use 

All crossings onto City Creek Canyon Road will be closed 

  • Follow posted signage

  • Stay on main trails at all times

Bonneville Shoreline Trail 

  • Open

Pipeline Trail 

  • Open

City Creek Canyon Trail 

  • Open

Upper Canyon Trails (Pipeline, Grandview, Bonneville Loop Trail, Meadow Trail, Smuggler's Gap, and North Fork Route)

  • Closed

Trails that require access across City Creek Canyon Road will be inaccessible Monday – Friday for the project's duration 


Map of construction vehicle path through City Creek Canyon.
Map depicting City Creek trail crossings and access.
Map depicting trail crossings and picnic sites.
Map depicting trail crossings and City Creek Water Treatment Plant.

Map Legend

Map Legend
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